You Can Make A Difference

WAG Rescue wants to send out a message that is impossible to ignore, due to pet over-population, shelters are killing thousands of healthy animals every day; the direct result of people not spaying or neutering pets. More than five million pets are euthanized annually because there aren't enough homes for them. It costs an estimated $2 billion each year to take in, care for, and unfortunately sometimes euthanize homeless animals. You, the taxpayer, are stuck with this bill, and the animals suffer and die needlessly. Masked by euphemism and hidden from the public, the ritual of animal euthanasia proceeds unabated every day but Sunday. It's unconscionable for so much death to result from so preventable a problem. This is a national tragedy. If you are not spaying and/or neutering your pets you are the problem. There will always be professional breeders supplying kittens and puppies to the public. We don’t need to worry about running out of animals.

This is a heartbreaking article, but enlightening on the plight of animal shelters and pet over-population. Death by the Pound

"So, you've heard it’s better for your pet to have a litter before being spayed or neutered. Or, maybe you want your children to experience the miracle of life close up, so you allow your cat or dog to have just one litter. You don’t understand what all the fuss is about. You know everyone who will take one of your kittens or puppies will give them a good home. All those other irresponsible pet owners are the problem, not you..." Read the complete article.

It really IS good for the male or female dog to be sterilized. Reasons include:

  • Decreasing aggression toward other animals
  • Decreasing the incidence of fighting
  • Preventing behavior problems
  • Reducing the animal's chance of getting cancer
  • Increasing life expectancy
  • Reducing the incidence of injury and disease
  • Reducing the urge to roam
  • Save you money with fewer veterinary bills

Spay - Neuter Vouchers for Wimberley Residents

WAG Rescue's goal is to provide vouchers for spay & neuter of dogs to Wimberley and the immediate surrounding thereby assisting in the prevention of needless stop euthanasia of perfectly healthy dogs due to pet overpopulation.

If you have a dog that needs to be spayed or neutered:

  1. Go to and make an appointment for the closest mobile clinic.
  2. Emancipet comes to Wimberley the 4th Wednesday of the month
  3. EMAIL US, include your name, address, dog's name, sex & age.
  4. We will email or mail you the voucher.
  5. The voucher pays for spay (in heat or pregnant) OR neuter.
  6. You will be responsible for all other charges, $5 transportation fee, about $8 for pain meds.
  7. Emancipet requires the dog have a current rabies vaccination so you will need to bring rabies certificate.
  8. They charge $11 for a rabies vaccination.
  9. Emancipet offers other vaccinations and microchipping for $15. This is a bargain and we strongly recommend you microchip your dog.

Below are additional no or low-cost spay and neuter resources. Share this information with a friend. Help us continue the battle against pet overpopulation.

  • Spay Texas
  • PALS (dog & cat vouchers)
  • Emancipet
  • ATA
  • Spay Austin
  • SNAP Program
  • Animal Law Coalition

**Emancipet no longer offers a MONTHLY vaccination clinic at their mobile van. They will schedule vaccination clinics quarterly rotating in the various towns. Check their website**

Vaccinations are offered at Tractor Supply in Dripping Springs the 1st Saturday of the month.