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Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue

Give a Rescue Dog a Good Home...Yours!


- Our main method of communication is Facebook – WIMBERLEY ADOPTION GROUP & RESCUE – Our message line 512-847-3200

- We are just not finding dogs or cats in Wimberley. We are hoping they are with their humans or they have left the area and will return when the flooding stops.

- If you want to volunteer please leave a brief message on our message line 512-847-3200. We cannot call everyone back right away, but we are keeping a list.

- Right now we do not need any supplies, but that may change and we will post on Facebook as soon as we have needs.

- Cross post lost & found dogs to our Facebook page so we can post to the main page. Someone is monitoring this page constantly. There are so many Facebook pages being created we cannot keep up.

- Please know what you are doing if you are rescuing an animal. There are experts in town. Don't take a chance on possibly injuring a dog that is already hurt or you getting bitten. By Texas law the dog will be taken to the shelter and put in Quarantine!!!

- DO NOT CALL OUR MESSAGE LINE IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY. If you have an animal emergency you need to call Hays County Animal Control 512-393-7896. If your animal is injured needing emergency care the A&M Emergency Vets are set up in front of the Wimberley High School

- Hays County Animal Control has asked that you call and tell them if you have taken in a found dog. 512-393-7896 –

- Remember dogs are personal property in Texas. Do not turn over a dog unless the person can prove ownership.

- If you are keeping found dogs (and you do NOT have owner information) Post to our Facebook page with all dog info and a picture. Please make sure you post found location and CITY.

- We are offering short and long term care and boarding of found dogs and dogs where owners have no place to take them. Call 512-847-3200 – this message line is checked through-out the day.

- We have a list of boarding resources for cats, rabbits, horses and goats, etc.

- The shelter in San Marcos is full and they are taking dogs to the shelter in Shertz. If you have lost a dog you will need to go in person. They will not ID dogs over the phone.

Thanks to You!

Lives are being saved. You are the bridge to my new life. WAG Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) dog rescue & adoption organization which relies solely on donations to fund our rescue efforts. Be the hero that saves us.


Save a Life!

Rescue dogs, are not broken. They've simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human we would describe them as wise, enduring, and brave. Do not pity a rescue dog. Adopt one, and be proud of the greatness walking at your side.


Give Life!

I am the Bridge. Between what once was and what can be. I am the pathway to a new life. I am the rescue dog's Foster Parent. Without a rescue, without a foster home I would not be alive today. Foster a dog for WAG Rescue and give life.


Treasures on Twelve

Discover consignment, antique, vintage, and collectibles at Treasures on Twelve. All proceeds go to benefit WAG Rescue. Add style and sophistication to your home, or find that unique one of a kind gift for friends and family. We're located on Ranch Road 12, at 13620 RR12 Building A, walking distance from the Wimberley town square. Find a treasure and save a dog! Call us at (512)496-6186.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00AM to 4:00PM.

Treasures on Twelve

Spay or Neuter
Donation: $75.00

Heartworm Treatment
Heartworm Treatment
Donation: $250.00
A $125 donation will pay for a Veterinary exam, testing & vaccinations when we receive a new dog that has been found on the streets.
Heartworms are a slow death for a dog and so easily preventable with a monthly pill or annual injection. Heartworm positive dogs are in our system for up to 6 months. Your $250 donation will pay for their two stage Heartworm Treatment.